For Home Seeker :

1. Why I should search home from this site?
Ans. Because we don’t want you to check demand at multiple places and spend time in calling different people for home availability. Instead we want you to tell your requirement and leave worry on broker/ owner to contact you if they have supply matching your requirement.

2. Why should I give my details?
Ans. So that when qualified broker / verified owner contact you, each one don’t ask for requirement every time.

3. Why Land mark is to be entered and not any particular area?
Ans. If you are new to the city and don’t have knowledge about different areas where to look for home, just enter your college / workplace landmark and distance you can travel daily and we will find a match according to it. If you are aware of the city than just say nearer to which landmark you want to stay and we will find a match.

4. What do you mean by “Qualified brokers”?
Ans. Each registered broker matches certain criteria (Own Office, work experience etc.) and are trained by us to fulfil certain Quality standards, hence they are called Qualified brokers.

5. Can I modify my requirements?
Ans. Yes. If you want to change your requirement, modify from HERE.

6. What if Broker gives poor/bad service?
Ans. You should ask broker’s name and office name and submit your complaint HERE.

7. For how much time my demand stays open for broker/owner?
Ans. Your requirement is deleted after a month automatically.

8. How many requirements I can post?
Ans. You can post only ONE requirement. If you want to change requirement, go to modify it. Once requirement is deleted after a month, you can generate new requirement.

For Brokers / Home Owner :

1. How will this website help me differently than others?
Ans. You don’t need to list supply on sites to show people your contact number and wait for a call, but register here and start making calls to people who need home in your area and give property on rent in least possible time.

2. How can I register as your Qualified Broker / Owner?
Ans. If you are broker Register here and if you are Owner you can Register Here.

3. Before registering as an Owner can I see how many people need rented home in my area?
Ans. Yes. Go here and put landmark nearby your property and see how much requirement is there in your area.

4. Is there any charge I need to pay to get requirement in my area?
Ans. Yes. For Owners and brokers payment structure differs, once you ask to register with us, we will explain you payment conditions, than only we will go ahead for Registration.

5. Can I complain of fake Home seeker?
Ans. Yes. Go here and register complain with seeker's contact number.

Give a call or WhatsApp 800 31 800 50 to get help with your requirement posting.